As early as I can remember my parents were in the antique business and they would go out picking antiques while I patiently sat on the steps.
Then, to go to the next place to wait some more.  As the years progressed our family started to do antique shows and flea markets and I had a
stand in front of there both selling popcorn and fudge. In 1988 in high school I enrolled in wood working and metals classes along with working in
my uncles cabinet shop in the summers. Also during the summers I would load and unload antique shows with my parents. After being at so many
antique shows I started to notice what was hot and what was not and I realized that I could make certain pieces out of old wood that I knew would
sell. I started building chimney cabinets, chicken nesters and other small cabinets. Then selling them quite well at my parents antique shows. After
high school I went to ITT to get my degree in electronic engineering and applied math while building furniture for my parents to sell. Canoe book
shelfs, sleigh coffee tables and cabinets.  In 1995 I moved to Breckenridge colorado to be a ski bum. In 1997 my brother , sister and I opened Ski
country antiques in downtown Breckenridge and continued building furniture out of my garage. That is when I started making more ski related
items like ski hall trees, benches , sled coffee tables and toboggan shelves.  In 2002 wanting to expand we moved our business to floyd hill in
evergreen colorado and eventually expanded to 25,000 sqft . In 2010 we sold Ski country antiques. I then started Reclaimed Relics. I kept my
3,000 sqft wood shop where I currently build my one of a kind creations.  My newest passion is building Industrial antique reproductions along with
new rustic furniture designs. I still travel across the country buying antiques and fun parts to build unique furniture. My summer is packed full of
antique shows that include, Jackson hole, Sun Valley, Round Top , Paris Street markets, Vail and Beaver Creek. In the winter I build a lot of
custom furniture and stock up for my summer shows.
Eric Kleinwachter, President of
Reclaimed Relics.